Flatiron Lounge Flights

Cocktail Flights at Flatiron Lounge You find a seat at your favorite cocktail lounge, glance over the drinks menu and realize that if you have to try every single cocktail that appeals to you, the night would probably not end and your next morning will be rough. Almost all cocktail lovers have been there! Have any of you wondered if there is a solution for this? Fortunately, there is: cocktail flights.

The idea behind “flights” of bar drinks is pretty simple – you get to sample three different drinks of a similar theme. Flights were originally used to introduce customers to a wonderful selection of wines. However, this technique is now being used by restaurants, bars, and cocktail lounges to offer samples of their drinks, aperitifs, and more.

Today, cocktail flights are a big hit among people, as it allows them to try many different specialties of a cocktail lounge, for a price that is considerably lower than what you would otherwise spend on three full-sized cocktails. While this new trend enables bars to add originality to their menu, it enables you to sample new flavors and tastes. Now, if you are balled up about choosing a best cocktail lounge in NYC where you can sample some of the best bar drinks in NYC, then head over to Flatiron Lounge.

Cocktail Flights at Flatiron Lounge

Cocktail pioneer, Julie Reiner, started serving cocktail flights when she opened the Flatiron Lounge in 2003 and has been offering a special cocktail flight every day since. The “Flight of the Day” priced at $24, and consists of three small cocktails served on a wooden tray. You no longer need your luggage and passport to take a flight to France or Italy because, you can experience it right here in this gourmet cocktail destination at Manhattan.

The concept and execution of the flights are unique to the Flatiron Lounge and cannot be found anywhere else. Other flights offered at this cocktail lounge include, Astronaut’s Wife Tiki Flight (that’s an interesting name!), Halloween Cocktail Flight (comprising of Satan’s Curled Whiskers, Black Cat and Archangel), Aperol Flight, Garden to Table Flight, Tequila Flight, Flight to Kentucky, Mad Men inspired flight, Rum Flight, and a whole lot more.

So, whether you are going on a romantic date or a casual Friday night drinks with friends, the Flatiron Lounge is the place to be…and don’t forget to try their Flight of the Day.